MTU SERIES 4000 New features in this series are the common rail injection system (1,800bar injection pressure), the ADEC electronic engine management system which has already proven itself on Series 2000 and 4000 engines, and a new combustion process.
  • 6135 ENGINE
    6135 ENGINE Our 2000 powershift transmission series features mechanical/ electric controls, while our DF series employs an electronic control unit (ECU). The DF series can communicate with other parts of your equipment — including the engine — and includes neutral start protection, inching/clutch control, automatic or operator selective shifting, and more.
  • Power Systems
    Power Systems With expanded power from 75 to 750 hp (56 to 559 kW), John Deere PowerTech™ engines can take you wherever you want to go — leaving in your wake the kind of confidence and satisfaction only John Deere can deliver. Our marine engines are quiet and fuel efficient, making long work days seem a little shorter.
  • Powershift Transmission.
    Powershift Transmission. Reliable powershift transmissions Your customers trust you to provide reliable, high-performance equipment with the most up-to-date components. We produce powershift transmissions that help you meet that need – and we do it with personal, attentive service, no matter what size your operation.
  • Whatever the Energy Required.
    Whatever the Energy Required. SDMO the source of energy for your comfort and safety. Natioanl Coverage, International presence. "Think Globally, Act Locally"
  • SDMO Product Plus
    SDMO Product Plus The new design for modular sound profing enclosures will allow you to make savings in both cost and space!

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Stag Engineering Nigeria Limited (Stag) is a leading wholly Nigerian owned engineering firm in Nigeria. The company has over 40 years’ experience in providing expert engineering services and mercantile power to discerning clients in Nigeria and West Africa. At present it delivers over 1,000MW of mercantile power to these clients. The company has recently expanded into the marine and will be expanding its expertise to railway solutions in 2013.



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Engine Overhaul: The engine overhaul program utilizes genuine new parts of manufacurer .

Technical Document: Our Technical Documentation service provides comprehensive instructions.

Diagnostic Solutions:For operational success, it is important to make quick and targeted decisions.

Workshop & Test Bench Solution: We provide individually tailored to local market condition.

Remote Service Unit: It allows you direct access to the activity of your SDMO ENGINE and systems .

Remanufactured Engines: provides re-conditioned products from single components to complete engines.

Spare Parts :We provide Spare parts for all the product we sell.

Workshop, storage facility & office : Integrated all in one unit services.